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ZangaBee’s NetSuite integrations

When it comes to NetSuite integration, ZangaBee integrates many different systems. Whether you want to use NetSuite for enterprise resource planning (ERP) and to manage your inventory, host your e-commerce stores, track your financials, or maintain your customer relationship management (CRM) systems: we’ve got you covered.

Why use a NetSuite platform?

The NetSuite platform can be applied to a range of business applications and results in lower operating costs. No company wants to waste time manually imputing data from one software to another, or manage data with different systems. Integrate NetSuite and you have more control over your management information in less time. Next to that, you’ll strengthen the competitive advantage of your business. Below you can read about some of the integrations we established. If you work with a system that hasn’t been mentioned, then please contact us to talk about the possibilities!

Time tracking software and NetSuite: Clockify integration

Many project teams use the time tracking software of Clockify to track their hours. You can use this software for tracking productivity, attendance, and billable hours as well. ZangaBee offers an integration between Clockify and NetSuite to support invoicing of these tracks.

WMS and NetSuite: PeopleVox integration

ZangaBee has an integration between NetSuite and the Warehouse Manager System (WMS) of PeopleVox. This results in a perfect way to manage e-commerce fulfillment. From your inventory, orders, deliveries, customer reviews, up and to your financial administration.

The supported data flows between PeopleVox and NetSuite are:

  • Inbound Goods receipt:
    • Inbound Item fulfillment
    • Inbound Returns
    • Inbound Stock adjustment
  • Outbound Items:
    • Outbound Purchase orders
    • Outbound Sales orders
    • Outbound Transfer Orders
    • Outbound Vendor Return

eCommerce and NetSuite: Radial integration

Radial is a third party (3PL) logistics provider that is well established across the globe. ZangaBee has an integration between NetSuite and Radial’s middleware system (RUC).

The supported data flows between Radial and NetSuite are:

  • New Order
  • Order Status
  • Returns
  • Adjustments
  • Purchase Order
  • Good Received
  • Catalogue

POS solutions for retailers and Celigo: Lightspeed integration

The challenge with Lightspeed integrations is the multiple sites that give the initial impression that you need specific integrations for each site. ZangaBee knows how to tackle this through Celigo.

The supported data flows between Lightspeed and NetSuite (through Celigo) are:

  • Inbound – Sales order and Deposit
  • Outbound – Customer Refunds
  • Outbound – Fulfillment
  • Outbound – Inventory update
  • Outbound – Item Create (normal+parents)
  • Outbound – Item Create Matrix children
  • Outbound – Item Update

Payment service for ecommerce: Buckaroo and NetSuite integration

Buckaroo is a payment service provider (PSP) that is used on many ecommerce sites. These sites have direct connections with Buckaroo. But for returns/refunds, a direct link from your ERP system to Buckaroo makes a lot of sense. ZangaBee provides an integration between NetSuite and Buckaroo for refunds. This can easily be extended to support other ERPs and other PSPs if desired.

Feed Management and NetSuite: ChannelEngine integration

ChannelEngine is a fast growing online Feed Management platform. ChannelEngine can help you with expanding your sales channels by connecting them with the biggest marketplaces. This Channel Management software allows companies to streamline their distribution and sales efforts by organizing clients into specific segments and keeping track of marketing outreach and buying patterns.

Contact ZangaBee to manage your business more efficiently

Contact ZangaBee if you want to do business more efficiently. Is your company using a software system that needs to work more efficiently? Do you want to know if your programs are suitable for a NetSuite integration? We make selling and getting more customers to your business easier for you by NetSuite integrations that fit right into your current stack. Contact us for all the information you need.

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