Quality Policy

Contact Information

ZangaBee B.V
Saturnusstraat 60
2516 AH The Hague

CoC: 67183417
VAT: NL856865588B01


Hereafter: ZangaBee

Company Directors

Henk Kooiker

Menno Oppermann

Company Profile

ZangaBee is an IT consultancy firm driven by 25 years of experience in IT management, corporate IT, and outsourcing. The focus at ZangaBee is on the cloud solutions NetSuite (Enterprise Resource Planning) and Celigo (Integrations). ZangaBee has its office in The Hague in The Netherlands. The customer base is gradually growing and expanding from The Netherlands into Europe. Customers are loyal due to ZangaBee’s transparent way of working, personal attention and service-oriented approach.

Our Quality Policy – Service oriented

ZangaBee is a service-oriented company that strives for long-term relationships with its customers. We firmly believe that quality is a key ingredient of a customer’s trust and willingness to receive our services. This also helps to establish our name in the market as a trustworthy partner.

Young but the right DNA

As a young company, ZangaBee yet has to obtain ISO certifications but the DNA of the company is already very much quality focussed. Quality is safeguarded in the layered approach where:

  1. The Account manager supervises the overall quality of the project/services that are performed for the customers

Quality in work procedures

Quality is also grounded in the following work procedures:

  • Frequent checks with the customer; an iterative (scrum-like) way of working where progress and direction are transparent to the customer. The customer as such has the ability to redirect in case he/she feels that the service/project needs it.
  • Sound approach to testing. Ensure test/use cases have been defined upfront, not only happy flow but also unhappy flow scenarios. This helps to identify the key aspects of the solution already at an early stage.
  • Regarding future maintainability of a solution as a key aspect of our solutions.

Our customer’s experience

Customers recognise our focus on quality through our open communication. We do not shy away from asking honest feedback on how our team performs. Good feedback allows us to optimise our performance. In our Statement of Work that we send to our customers, we provide detailed insights in our way of working and how we align with already established coding standards and documentation platforms. We suggest joint usage of our ticketing tool JIRA during projects because it helps to engage closely with our customers which in turn helps us to better understand their needs.

Our team’s experience

Our team is fully aware that quality is a key characteristic of ZangaBee. They also get time/budget for education and training to ensure they know the latest about the platforms/environments that we work with. This also applies to the freelancers that work for us. We treat them the same which has resulted in commitment and loyalty to ZangaBee. In the coming years, we will further invest in tools and structure to further establish ZangaBee as a professional player in the ERP and integrations marketplace.