NetSuite is a cloud-based software platform that provides a complete overview of a business’s financials, back-office operations, customer relation management and even marketing.

All your business processes on one platform

All your business processes will be automated from one platform, allowing you to scale faster and grow smarter. Overheads and headcount are reduced and decision making is improved, as real-time analytics provide the insights required to run and grow a business. The NetSuite dashboard helps you to monitor KPIs that are important, so the focus can be steered towards the areas within a business that need the most attention.

Organizations become agile with NetSuite

NetSuite works for organizations that have outgrown their current business systems, often because they have a number of different platforms that compliment each other.This means lots of manual work, duplication of tasks and costly errors. By implementing this software platform as one unified system to run your business, it can help to address those issues, leaving key decision-makers free to grow their business and become agile as an organization.

See this video about the explanation of what NetSuite is and how this ERP platform can help grow your business:

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NetSuite is suitable for most businesses and industries

Whether you have an NGO, an e-commerce store, or an international enterprise, NetSuite is a perfect ERP platform that helps you run your business efficiently. With the NetSuite ERP implementation, you can streamline your processes tailored perfectly to your business objectives. It will reduce costs, eliminate inefficiencies and enhance the visibility of your KPI’s, your company’s finances, Customer Relationship Management, and much more.

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What is NetSuite and how can it help your business?

ZangaBee helps you with the implementation of NetSuite and integrate it with your system. If you are interested in using this ERP- platform for your inventory, tracking your finances, hosting your e-commerce store, managing your CRM or WMS, or other systems like Celigo, please contact us. As an official Celigo partner and qualified NetSuite ERP consultants, we are experienced in integrating NetSuite with many systems and apps in all kinds of industries. Read all about it on our page “ZangaBee’s NetSuite Integration Experience“, or contact us right away to get more information.

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