We help companies increase their efficiency and effectiveness in their business processes.

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Manage your organization, automate your processes and gain insight based on data with the world’s #1 cloud ERP software.

We help companies address growth, profitability and business risk issues. By integrating NetSuite and Celigo’s iPaaS with your management systems, we add real value to your business, enabling you to serve your customers at a higher level. We work closely with our clients to unlock new opportunities and then support them with implementation. Jump-start your business to maximize profit, scale and growth.

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ZangaBee helps companies grow with Celigo iPaaS and NetSuite

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Business Systems Integration

ZangaBee specializes in linking and integrating different systems and environments with each other. No system is too difficult and no business logic is too complex for our experienced integration consultants.

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Implementation and optimization of your ERP system

ZangaBee currently has 7 years of experience in the implementation and optimization of Oracle.

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Accounting and Bookkeeping

ZangaBee can support your finance team in using NetSuite.

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Automation of complex VAT calculations

Avalara is a cloud-based software for automated tax solutions. Businesses of all sizes can get help from Avalara to comply with transaction taxes such as VAT, sales and use, excise duties

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Ongoing Support for Celigo & NetSuite

If you need support for your Celigo or NetSuite environment, we can also support you through a support contract.

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Do more business in less time with Celigo iPaaS

Celigo is originally a platform that specializes in integrations with the ERP system NetSuite. In recent years, however, the platform has grown beyond NetSuite integrations and is more comprehensive than ever. It can be linked to ERP systems from SAP, Microsoft and Acumatica. And due to large investment budgets, the development of the platform will not stand still in the coming years. As a European partner of Celigo, ZangaBee can help you make the best choices for your application landscape.

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What makes us different?

We understand business. We also know that people and systems are the foundation a business needs to be profitable and grow. By understanding people and the essence of how complex systems work, it is possible to find ways to improve existing systems.

ZangaBee helps companies with the best possible solutions to improve their systems and processes, in order to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in their field.

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Our amazing team will gladly help you

We have extensive experience and expertise in our team. Our consultants are certified in the tools we use and have delivered countless successful projects.

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