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We will make sure that a NetSuite integration and implementation will run smoothly.

ZangaBee specializes in the integration and implementation of complex ERP-and CRM- systems with applications of third parties. In addition to the implementation and integration of NetSuite and the fact that we are ERP consultants, we also work together with Celigo who specializes in iPaaS.

We make sure that NetSuite integrations and implementations run as smoothly as possible. During our project management we take your wishes for business processes and the people within your organization into account. We also take it upon ourselves to map out any possible difficulties and find solutions to realize an efficient working system.

Are you not sure if your company is suited for a NetSuite integration or are you doubting which ERP-system is right for you? Please contact us. With our knowledge and experience we can give you good advice, which is obviously without any obligations.

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Our implementation and integration services:

10 Reasons why businesses choose to work with us

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1. Experience

The health of the business of our customer is our responsibility. We have over 20 years of experience in the improvement of operational processes and the competitiveness of companies. Therefore, we are dedicated to the implementation of solutions that work best in the field of our customers. It makes us proud to see the businesses of our customers grow and achieve their goals.

2. Complete solutions

We are problem solvers. We develop solutions that fit with the reality of our customers. These solutions are always complete and according to the latest developments on the market.

3. Involvement and support

Getting good results is our goal. Together with our customers we inventorize and prioritize the needs, define strategies and goals, implement solutions and evaluate the process. Our customers can contact us 24/7 to get a fast and efficient solution when they need it.

4. ROI

Our services have positive results like higher productivity, less unproductive hours, better quality and a larger competitive constraint. These advantages also result in a sustainable return on investment for our customers.

5. Our company’s culture

ZangaBee operates as a solid, close, united team at their office based in The Hague. We are proud of the fact that we put our customers first and that we offer services, solutions and expertise with added value. With open communication and daily interactions, our collaboration and teamwork is at its best. Our employees and our clients are part of every success and that is a reflection of the way that we appreciate and respect each other.

6. A good team of professionals

With our team of NetSuite & Integration consultants, business analysts and software engineers, we make sure that each customer we work with receives a perfect fitting solution.

7. Qualified NetSuite ERP- consultants

The ZangaBee team consists of qualified NetSuite ERP- consultants. That means that you get the full power of NetSuite with realtime data to help you scale your business faster and smarter. Collaborating with us means that you get a cost effective deal that fits your business model best.

8. Our knowledge of NetSuite

ZangaBee offers a great scale of NetSuite- solutions, including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, SuitApp-developments and- services, as well as technical and financial knowledge on different areas of NetSuite. With experience in industries like wholesale, production, service and retail business, ZangaBee has a wide range of industrial and vertical knowledge.

9. Our services

We offer extensive NetSuite-services, adjustments, branch knowledge and tips and tricks to help you with your daily NetSuite interactions. We also offer support with the integration and implementation projects, process optimization, business insight and technical expertise that is needed for all aspects of the NetSuite-system.

10. Accessible right away

That we are accessible right away means that there are no call centers or chatlines to get access to our NetSuite-consultants. Our experts and on-demand services are only a phone call away.

ZangaBee has everything to give your company top quality NetSuite-service. Get in touch with us today to get more information about our NetSuite integration possibilities, without any obligations.

Our amazing team is happy to help you

ZangaBee is specialized in the integration of NetSuite with business applications

ZangaBee specializes in NetSuite-implementation- and integration services for many business adjustments. For instance, If you are a retailer, we can connect your NetSuite with the feed management system of ChannelEngine.

With such an integration you can execute your sales activities through multiple international channels. This system integrates the back-end of your store with the biggest online marketplaces in the world. An ultimate solution to make profit and enlarge your market share

We offer ERP- implementations in a wide range of branches

We work in sectors such as retail, non-profit organizations(ngo’s), professional service and much more. In whichever sector you are in, we can help you get the most benefits out of an ERP- implementation.