Support for Celigo and NetSuite

If you are in need of support with your Celigo or NetSuite integrations, we can help you by offering a support contract. We have experienced, certified Celigo and NetSuite consultants with a lot of experience in different areas within businesses, all sorts of sizes, branches and locations. We can give you support in different languages, such as Dutch, English, Spanish and French.


The Celigo system is a platform in which business critical processes are often applied. Do you want to make sure that your integrated processes keep being up-to-date, then you can get different sorts of support from ZangaBee:

Celigo and Netsuite support example

Monthly Health Checkup

Ensuring the Vitality of Your Celigo Integration

As your business expands, diligent monitoring of operational efficiencies becomes paramount. It is imperative to verify the seamless functioning of all integrated processes.

Our service entails a comprehensive examination of your Celigo integration setup, encompassing error detection, transaction speed analysis, and adherence to the latest feature updates released by Celigo.

Through these assessments, we guarantee an optimal integration setup, thereby fortifying the foundation of your operational ecosystem.

Scheduled on a monthly basis, our meticulous evaluations culminate in a detailed report outlining the current status, along with any recommended modifications, repairs, or enhancements necessary for continued optimization.

Business Critical Support

In the realm of modern business operations, the seamless functioning of your Celigo integration stands as a cornerstone of success. Acknowledging its pivotal role, we recognize that any disruption to its operation could have profound implications for your business.

To address this, we offer a specialized Business Critical Support service. This entails maintaining a comprehensive knowledge repository within ZangaBee of your specific flows, enabling us to swiftly and adeptly resolve any issues that may arise. Our commitment extends beyond mere troubleshooting; we prioritize achieving the most effective time-to-resolution for all concerns, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Moreover, we understand that the demands of your business may extend beyond standard operating hours. Hence, our support framework is designed to accommodate your needs, offering assistance during both regular business hours and, if required, weekends.

With Business Critical Support, rest assured that your integration remains not only functional but optimized to propel your business towards its objectives with unwavering reliability.

For NetSuite

NetSuite ERP is a complex system that comes with many possibilities and functions. Your company often chooses to run the most critical business processes on this system and in case of malfunctions or problems this will have a big impact on your business operations.

Monthly Health Checkup

Experienced NetSuite consultants of ZangaBee check if everything is running smoothly on a monthly basis. We have a standard amount of work that we can fulfill for you. Every month we hand out a rapport with important information and data about your business. NetSuite updates its system twice a month. We give you an overview on what these updates could mean for your business processes and if desired we can help with the implementation of these updates.

Monthly Health Checkup

Business Critical Support

If you want to make sure that occurring problems are fixed as soon as possible, during the entirety of the year, then we can offer you our business critical support contract. This contract guarantees that we take action if a NetSuite related problem occurs in a previously agreed on time span.

Business Critical Support