Implementation and optimization of ERP


We have experienced consultants that have successfully realized projects with National and International companies.

Change Management – Implementation

The ERP implementation is a drastic process. It comes with big risks and is very complex. This means that the implementation has to be conducted with full dedication of the stakeholders. Otherwise, there is a large chance of failure and the consequences that come with that.

In addition to the extensive technical and system knowledge of this product, our consultants also contain knowledge and experience in change management. This is crucial in an ERP procedure. We are aware that success depends on the use of the right resources and taking an organization from an old to a new situation. It most certainly is not only an IT project.


Does your company already use NetSuite but you are not happy with the current results? We can help you make the most out of this system. NetSuite is a comprehensive system that is improving itself on a regular basis. We can see if these improvements are applicable for your situation. In addition to that, ZangaBee is specialized in integrations through NetSuite.These improvements can radically optimize your company operations.