Our team

The people at ZangaBee make us what we are. We are proud of our corporate culture and our people define it. We have different backgrounds with different skills. We have different passions and hobbies. We come from different parts of the world and speak different languages, but we all share a desire to make ZangaBee the best place to work and to make our customers the most satisfied customers.

Meet our team

Henk Kooiker

Co-owner ZangaBee
25 years of experience in IT. Lots of experience with ERP and ERP outsourcing. Bridge builder and quartermaster.

Henk is a man of the beach and sea. With wind on the water (kitesurfing) and without wind on the sand (beachvolleybal).

Menno Oppermann

Co-owner ZangaBee
25 years of experience in IT. A wide range of experience in IT management and directorial roles. Focusses on cloud-solutions. Visionair.

Menno is a petrol head and has a big oldtimer camper which he loves to take on the road.

Bas van Ditzhuijzen

Architect and Technical Wizard
20 years of experience in IT.

Bas loves to sail and is very creative with a 3D printer.

Pieter Kral

Junior Consultant NetSuite and Finance
We see him as an important pillar in our strive to offer our customers quality and worthy service.

In addition, Pieter is very good at snowboarding (parkstyle)!

Pieter Paauw

Project delivery and complex NetSuite- implementation wizard
Over 20 years of experience in IT.

Interested in everything information technology and business administration.

Sandor Zeke

Junior consultant focusing on integrations
Sandor is currently a Data science student and acts as a true digital nomad whenever possible.

In his spare time, he drives passenger trains.

Anita Sharma

Project Manager
Over 12 years of experience.
Has worked extensively on projects involving integration of applications using Celigo.

Anita is very passionate about problem solving, Process Improvement and Automation.

Nuri Ensing

Senior Consultant Integrations
Over 10 years of experience in software development.

Nuri specializes in designing and implementing seamless integrations using the Celigo Integrator platform and other tools for a diverse range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies.

Senna Oppermann

Content Creator
Senna has created content for numerous different companies in the past, giving her lots of experience.

In her spare time, she loves to visit new countries and learn about different cultures.

Gabriel Borja

Senior Integration Consultant
Over 15 years experience in Software Development with focus on integrations in the past 6 years.

Gabriel enjoys finding creative solutions for difficult challenges.
In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano.

Ruben van der Steen

Junior consultant focusing on integrations
Ruben is always curious to learn new things around technology.
Besides that he is also a man of sports.

From skiing to cycling. He even finished a 1/8st triathlon.