In a recent interview, we spoke with Ash from CBG about their partnership with ZangaBee. Ash shared her experiences and insights into the collaboration, emphasising a good relationship with ZangaBee.

What is CBG?

”CBG stands for Create Better Group. We are a retailer in cake supplies, cake decorating and baking. So anything from cake tins to sugar paste. We sell all the supplies needed for decorating and baking cakes.”

How did you come across ZangaBee?

”The previous managing director was doing a little research in the market in terms of integration partners. He came across ZangaBee, set up a introductory call which I was a part of and everything you had to offer sounded great, the pricing was reasonable, so we decided to give it a go and one successful project led to another.”

Are there any IT challenges where ZangaBee can assist?

”One challenge we’re going through right now is creating a brand new website because the existing e-commerce platforms we were using were quite limited in terms of functionality. So, a current project that we’ve got set up with ZangeBee is moving our Cakecraft World website over to Visualsoft from Magento and you are assisting us in terms of setting up the integration between Visualsoft and NetSuite. ”

What strengths has ZangaBee demonstrated?

”We’ve worked with a few integration partners and I think ZangaBee is the only one that really understood that our needs may be very different to another client’s. And it requires a lot of bespoke work and flows in terms of it working how we want it to.”

”Obviously you are very good at what you do in terms of building the actual integrations, which is great, but I will say communication and understanding our needs as a company is where you guys really seem to shine”, says Ash.

Future Collaboration?

”I mean, to be fair, we are under ZangeBee’s guidance, and we’ve just upgraded to the professional tier, which opens up many more endpoints and flows, meaning there’s plenty more integrations we want to do going forward. After this new website move, we’re really eager to do a marketplace integration with our Amazon and eBay stores. So we’ll probably be calling on them for that as well. And just more integration as we go forward, really, and start streamlining our processes and making everything just much more efficient
and connected all within the same platform.”

”ZangaBee is an absolute pleasure to work with. We move from one successful project to another with them and I look forward to working with them going forward in the future.”

”I want to give a special shout out to Menno. I always find him to be absolutely excellent in terms of understanding what we need and finding the best solutions for us going forward. He’s always got the best advice for each project. So big thumbs up to him and the developers are also great. We are really happy!”

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