In a recent interview, we spoke with Rob from Haygain about their partnership with ZangaBee. Rob shared his experiences and insights into the collaboration, emphasizing how ZangaBee has proven to be a valuable partner.

How did Haygain come across ZangaBee?

Haygain was in search of reliable Netsuite support for their Oracle package. They found a company that referred them to ZangaBee. After a talk with ZangaBee, they entered into a collaboration, and since then, the communication has been smooth. Rob emphasized that ZangaBee provides excellent support and attention.

“One of the strengths demonstrated by ZangaBee is their extensive knowledge of Netsuite. When issues arise between Celigo and Netsuite, ZangaBee can quickly intervene and provide support. This provides a reassuring feeling and ensures smooth system operations,” says Rob.

At present, Haygain has no specific areas for improvement regarding ZangaBee. Rob expressed satisfaction with the collaboration and has had no negative experiences.

Future collaboration:

Haygain looks forward to further collaboration with ZangaBee, particularly regarding integrations with their warehouses. Changes are planned in the United States and Australia, which will require new integrations. Haygain has confidence in ZangaBee’s expertise to address these challenges.

The importance of optimization with ZangaBee:

Haygain recognizes the importance of optimizing cloud access and ensuring the proper functioning of the solutions managed by ZangaBee, such as Netsuite and Celigo. They appreciated our team’s accessibility and ability to provide solutions quickly and effectively.

“What I find key with ZangaBee is their accessibility and the speed at which they offer solutions. We have lost knowledge due to other collaborations, and ZangaBee resolves that,” – Rob.

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