Embarking on integration projects can often feel like venturing into uncharted territory. What initially seems straightforward can quickly unravel into a web of complexities, leaving projects stranded and in need of rescue. However, at ZangaBee, we thrive on these challenges, viewing each one as an opportunity to showcase our capabilities (with Celigo, of course :-)) and exceed expectations.

Two recent examples are:

  • Hubspot integration to NetSuite
  • Shopify integration to NetSuite

With Hubspot, the complexity had to do with the back-and-forth syncing needs and a 1-to-many relationship. Hubspot contacts on one side and NetSuite Leads/Prospects/Customers on the other side. We nailed it with multiple real-time flows that interact in an orchestrated manner. Moreover, we nailed it ahead of schedule and within the assigned budget. A very happy customer and more work coming our way!

For the Shopify integration to NetSuite, we need to resolve a challenge with 4 types of returns/refunds (full/partial/goodwill/exchange). We’re taking that on as we speak.

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