Pieter Paauw

My name is Pieter Paauw and I have over 20 years of experience as an IT-professional.

Within ZangaBee, I am responsible for Project Delivery. I have a huge interest in information technology and business administration. You will notice that that is a recurring theme in my career. I want to create bridges between users of automation and IT- specialists to ensure that the value of a business is realized in the fastest possible amount of time.

Pieter brings in a vast amount of experience from numerous roles in the field of IT. Among the many roles, I have specific and good skills in IT management and IT project management. During my career I have held positions as Head of IT Software Development and Project Management at a large Dutch airline, IT Operations Director at the largest Dutch Water Company (5 million customers) and Information Manager at one of the largest International Aerial Platform Rental Companies in the world. This has broadened my view of different Business Domains with their specific challenges.

On a personal level, my greatest passion is realizing concrete value and getting results in a very structured approach. My greatest strengths are creating clear frameworks for project delivery, and motivating, coaching, binding and leading teams to deliver value to the business. Over the past six years, I have been heavily involved in one of Europe’s largest and most complex Netsuite implementations, including integration with proprietary and third-party solutions.

I am married and a proud father of 4 children. In my spare time I have a rather geeky hobby. I am fascinated by Artificial Intelligence/Data Science and in particular the mathematics behind it. In my spare time, I love developing Machine Learning and Neural Networks applications in various frameworks and programming languages.

I look forward to helping you realize the most value for your business.

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