In the integration world, many believe that if one application offers an API, the other must also have an API to connect. This is a common misconception. With Celigo, you can integrate applications even if only one side has an API.

The API Misconception

APIs allow applications to communicate, but they aren’t the only way to integrate systems. The belief that both sides need APIs often complicates integrations unnecessarily.

Celigo: The Flexible Solution

Celigo simplifies integration by acting as a bridge. One application can export data as CSV files, while the other uses an API. Celigo reads the CSV, processes the data, and sends it to the API, ensuring smooth data transfer.

How It Works

  1. CSV File Handling: One application exports data as CSV files.
  2. API Integration: The other application uses an API to import data.
  3. Celigo’s Role: Celigo facilitates data transfer between the CSV file and the API.


  • Versatility: Integrate any application, API or not.
  • Cost-Efficiency: No need for extensive custom development.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly and scalable as your business grows.

Real-World Example

Imagine integrating a legacy system that only exports CSV files with a modern cloud-based app using an API. Instead of creating an API for the legacy system, use Celigo to bridge the gap, saving time and resources.

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