“Hello sir, are you here for business or for pleasure?” “Well… all of the above.” These simple words set the stage for an extraordinary 10-day trip to California – a perfect blend of business and pleasure. In this blog post, we’ll take you through Henk’s unforgettable journey where professional pursuits intertwined harmoniously with personal adventures, resulting in an experience that left him incredibly satisfied.

A Superb Meetup at Celigo HQ in Redwood City

Henk’s journey commenced with a visit to the beautifully located Celigo headquarters in Redwood City. Here, he had the privilege of meeting Jan Arendtsz and his exceptional team. The meeting wasn’t just about exchanging ideas on strategy; it was also an opportunity to experience the fundamental value of personal contact in fostering meaningful business relationships. .

Throughout his stay, Henk set up a temporary “office” amidst the majesty of towering redwood trees in La Honda. The peaceful surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for him to immerse himself in his work. With his biological clock somewhere between CET and PST, Henk made the most of the time zone difference, allowing for early starts to the workday. This efficiency granted him the luxury of afternoons filled with thrilling mountain bike trails and invigorating kite surfing sessions.

Kitesurfing under the Golden Gate

The beginning of the week brought a thrilling climax to Henk’s Californian adventure. He had the pleasure of visiting Basang Malunov and his team at Nova Module, which turned out to be an enlightening experience. However, the real highlight was the heart-pounding kitesurfing session under the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Henk returned from his 10-day Californian journey with a heart full of satisfaction. The perfect fusion of business meetings with Celigo and Nova Module, alongside the freedom to explore nature’s wonders, resulted in a profound sense of accomplishment. The trip not only showcased Celigo’s solid trajectory of growth and the expanding customer base of ZangaBee but also emphasized the significance of nurturing personal connections in the professional world.

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