With the end of the year approaching, ZangaBee wanted to get together with its team members to celebrate 2022. This time a coffee workshop was held to commemorate the end of year.

The workshop took place in the CabFab in The Hague at the International Tea & Coffee Company. The entire team was present and the workshop was given by experienced coffee expert Paul. During the workshop Paul talked about the influence of origin, processing method and variety of the coffee bean.

During this intermediate training we got started with the coffee machines, learned new techniques and got shown the latest gadgets in the field. Our team learned to recognize – by tasting – the effect of dosing and time. We even made some latte art with milk foams which turned into some interesting shapes. We ended the workshop with handing out the ZangaBee award to the best barista in our team. It was a super fun and informative afternoon with the team thanks to the International Tea & Coffee Company.

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