When you’re looking to integrate with a particular system, you often hear, “We would have to write an API for that.” This is a common response from tech experts when you need a connection between systems. But with NetSuite via Celigo, that’s not the case.

Fast and Easy Integration

If you’re building a custom part or record in NetSuite, you can make that custom record and its content visible on the Celigo side in just minutes. It’s as fast as warp speed!

Why Celigo?

Celigo simplifies the integration process, eliminating the need for writing complex APIs. With Celigo, integration is straightforward and efficient, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business.

The Zangabee Advantage

At ZangaBee, we leverage the power of Celigo to provide seamless integration solutions. We understand that time is crucial, and with Celigo, we ensure that your custom records in NetSuite are quickly and effortlessly integrated.

Forget the hassle of writing APIs. With NetSuite and Celigo, integration is faster and easier than ever. Trust us to deliver efficient solutions that keep your systems connected and your business running smoothly.

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