Oracle NetSuite for retail business

The best POS-solution for e-commerce: NetSuite for retail business

With NetSuite for Retail POS-solution you can transform your store with one business platform: online, in store and at your call center to provide excellent service. You can attract buyers by offering an allround shopping experience that is personal and flawless. This Point Of Sale-solution gives employees the tools and information that they require to help and involve customers. A good POS-solution is absolutely essential to grow the profitability with more product choices and more ease with an ‘endless aisle’ of goods and services.

NetSuite for retail business: an effective omnichannel strategy

Today’s consumers are more demanding than ever. They want to shop whenever and however they please through any channel—without sacrificing choice, convenience or price. Establishing an effective omnichannel strategy can deliver substantial and tangible results for your retail business.

Key Benefits of NetSuite for Retail Business

  • A Single platform across all channels to control your retail business
  • A full 360-view on customers over all channels and touchpoints
  • Support multiple locations, channels and brands from one single platform
  • A fully equipped POS that is fit for mobile devices
  • Powerful e-commerce possibilities on every device
  • Control over all prices and promotions
  • Real time visibility on inventory via all channels.
  • Control and handling of orders over several channels
  • Marketingtools to target and segment offers
  • A simple adaptation to your specific retail requirements
  • Lower costs and less hassle, then when using on-premise retail systems
  • Transform the store experience
  • NetSuite transforms the store experience and delivers a real omnichannel shopping with a modern POS-solution that brings the online and instore shopping experience together
  • Use a mobile device to give your employees full inventory and customer information so they can effectively involve customers, stimulate more purchases and offer a pleasant shopping experience.

Your entire retail business on one platform

Oracle NetSuite for Retail Business is one complete system covering POS, e-commerce, CRM and marketing, inventory and order management, business intelligence, and financials. With this platform you can manage all your channels in an effective and efficient way, both your physical store and digital webshop. In addition, NetSuite also brings more advantages for retail businesses:
  • Provides visibility across your entire business.
  • You get more intel on a customer that showed interest in your product
  • The platform offers a seamless cross-channel functionality
  • It offers support on cross-channel processes like online purchases/in store pick ups, online purchases/in store returns and in store orders that can be handles from every location