What is Avalara VAT Returns?

Avalara Returns resolves obstacles and helps your business grow by removing any doubts and confusion you might have regarding VAT returns. By automating the VAT compliance process, the correct amount is transferred to the right taxing authority before the due date. This drastically reduces the time a company spends processing VAT returns.

Benefits of Avalara VAT Returns

The frustration of extensive paperwork, missed deadlines, remembering rules, and maintaining VAT compliance is eliminated with Avalara’s VAT Returns.

Your VAT returns and reporting will be easy to complete thanks to Avalara’s experience and variety of cloud-based solutions, giving you time to concentrate on what you do best.

  • Save time, no more manually filling out declarations
  • Reduce the risk of fines and audits
  • One-time filing of assessments for different jurisdictions
  • Stay on top of your growing tax liabilities
  • Digital archiving and storage
  • Streamline your indirect tax reporting

Choose the VAT returns option that fits your company

Avalara offers sales tax preparation and filing for businesses of all sizes. You can choose Avalara Returns for small businesses which is ideal for emerging and small businesses using online marketplaces or other platforms to calculate tax. The second option is Avalara Managed Returns which is ideal for medium-sized businesses that want to outsource sales tax preparation, filing, and remittance.

Down below you can find the different benefits and advantages of the two options so you can compare and make the right decision for your business. 

Avalara Returns for small businesses

  • Save time with automated sales tax preparation and filing.
  • Track economic nexus to follow sales tax obligations.
  • Try it free for up to 60 days. Terms and conditions apply. 

Avalara Managed Returns

  • Offload part of the returns process and reduce costs.
  • Receive continuously updated data through native integration with Avalara AvaTax.
  • Let Avalara handle notice management and remittance in addition to sales tax prep and filing.

If you need any help deciding which VAT return option fits your needs, contact us and we will gladly assist you!