What is Avalara Exemption Certificate Managament?

The Avalara Exemption Certificate Management is a powerful cloud service management tool that creates, validates, stores, and manages sales tax exemption and resale certificates and makes them available for easy retrieval. You can easily manage your exemption certificates without any difficulties, for businesses of all sizes and across nearly all industries.

Automated certificate exemption

This tool contains intelligent ECM (Enterprise Content Management) software that gives you all the benefits of an automated exemption certificate lifecycle. It delivers out-of-the-box integration with the use of pre-built connectors. This means IT departments are not needed to integrate the software components. In cases where connectors are not pre-built, the exemption certificate lifecycle can still be integrated.

The benefits of Avalara Exemption Certificate Management

Many businesses across nearly all industries have been using Avalara Exemption Certificate Management successfully to reduce non-taxed transaction audit risk, increase staff productivity and improve the exempt customer purchase experience.

Other benefits of the automation of the exemption certificate lifecycle:

  • Increases the speed and automation of certificate collection.
  • Improves the validity of certificates submitted by customers.
  • Decreases non-taxed transaction billing errors since ERP and tax decision
  • software will accurately know which customers are sales tax exempt.

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