The weekend of April 16th our Co-Founder Henk attended the SuiteConnect event in London. It was a great event especially with the vibrant Celigo pre-party.

SuiteConnect buzzed with energy, echoing a powerful message: SuiteUP! The message was loud and clear – many NetSuite users are barely scratching the surface of its boundless capabilities. The potential for transformative growth and innovation is immense, and the time to seize it is now.

A standout moment amidst the event’s highlights was the magnetic presence of Stewart Cruickshank, whose wealth of experience lit up the stage. Kudos, Stewart, for your invaluable insights!

From an integration perspective, the landscape is ripe with possibilities. Consider ZangaBee, for instance. Regardless of the complexities of your NetSuite implementation, Celigo offers seamless integration solutions to seamlessly align it with your entire application ecosystem. This fosters a cohesive environment where NetSuite’s value is magnified, driving your business towards unparalleled success.

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